Barbie Collection #2 Fashion Play dolls

Hi all,

A few years back I told you that i rediscovered two fashion play dolls from my childhood collection and that they were the most beautiful barbies to me.
I decided then to get the entire collection of Barbie Fashion Play from the 80's.
It took me a while , because like most of european exclusive, they are hard to find and expensive... so hard to find, that I'm still missing one of them :(

But anyway, here are my FASHION PLAY barbie dolls :

These dolls were produced from 1983 to 1989 and were only sold in Europe and later in Canada which makes them rare and valuable.

BUT : some of the clothes worn by the dolls were also released on the american market as simple fashions under the name : Fashion Fun.
So owning the dress don't mean you owned the doll.

This great line of dolls started in 1983. There were actually 2 series made that year, though the second one was released in 1984.
They have different faces and make up but share the same product code : #7193.

Here is the first serie from 1983 :

Only the one with the pink dress is from my childhood, and i had to make the belt because i lost the original one. 
The others i got from ebay. I absolutely love the one with the striped dress, she's one of the first i bought. I think their make up is perfect! :)
I'm only missing the one in the silver dress, i hope i will find her someday!
They were all made in Philippines.

Here is the second serie :

These dolls were manufactures in 1983 but released in 1984. They were all made in Philippines.

Here is the third serie from 1984:

From this third serie, 2 are from my childhood. The one called Star Saint Trop here in France (2nd from the left) and the last one with the purple dress. I loooove that dress! I had to reroot that doll because i use to play "punk dolls" as a kid and many of my barbies lost their hair :D. She was my first reroot ever and you can tell the hair have a different color.
They were all made in Philippines except the one with the pink overall which was made in Malaysia.

French Mattel catalogue from 1984

Here is the fourth serie from 1986
I only had Barbie Loisirs as a child (the 1st one) but i lost her, so i had to buy them all last year. I'm really happy i found the one with the alternative dress! 

They were all made in Philippines.

Thought it was interesting to see the different boxes. The last two are from Canada, the one with the dog and motorcycle is from France, not sure about the first one...

Here is the fifth serie from 1987 :
The last one with the purple dress is from my childhood. Only the strap from the dress was missing so i sew a new one. My favorite is the one with the red skirt. I love her hair and red lipstick! They are all from Philippines.

Here is the sixth serie from 1988 :
The pink one i had to buy again, because the one from my childhood lost her dress. The blue one is the one i had as a kid, but her hair were so messy, i restyled them a bit. They're both from China. I really like the pink and blue theme, i think because i couldn't choose the one i preferred, i had both! 

Here is the last serie i own from 1989 (They also did 2 more fashion play dolls in 90 & 91):
:DkjhuuhI only found out about these two barbies a year ago i think and bought them then. I really like their faces, the plastic of the pink one seems a bit different to the touch... it's hard to explain, but there a little bit of glitter on it maybe that's why.
They were made in China.

Finally I also had 3 naked fashion play dolls so I decided to have them wear fashion fun outfits. The one on the left is from 1983 and wearing the outfit #2087, the one sitting in a chair is from my childhood collection but she had no hair and no clothes left. She's from 1988 and wearing the outfit #2093. And the Barbie on the right is from 1989. She's wearing the outfit #2089.

So that's it with my fashion play collection, I hope you enjoyed those pictures and some of these beautiful and rarely seen dolls!

It's also interesting to know that in 1984, six fashion play dolls were made in France with a different head mold. Ironically, i don't own any... yet ;)

Here's the commercial released at the time:

But more about these french dolls another time... ;)



Restoring Barbie #2

Hi all!

A long time ago i did my first reroot on a barbie doll, remember? It was also my first post regarding the restoration of a doll. You can find it here : Restoring Barbie #1
I said the next time i would do a reroot, i will explain how i do it. So the following post will show you the method i use (people can have different methods for reroots) and all the steps to it.

This is only the second time i'm rerooting a barbie doll so i think i can do better next time, but the way to do it will remain the same.

The first thing you should know is that it's a very long process so you must be very patient, but i also find it quite relaxing, like doing a puzzle or knitting.. So it could be a nice way to relax after a long day at work.

Ok so,
- Step 1: buy hair :) I got mine at dollyhair.com but you can also find some on restoredoll.com.
This time i got two different kinds of hair and chose the most appropriate one once i received it.

Here is my lovely barbie head with her horrible haircut and the hair i chose to use for the reroot.
Small tip : to take her head apart from her body, dip it in a glass with boiled water for one minute, it will soften the plastic and that way you won't break the neck!

- Step 2 : get all the materiel you will need for the reroot: Needle, scissors, tweezers, and a thimble.

- Step 3 : Cut your doll's hair as short as you can

- Step 4 : Take out the rest of the hair using tweezers.

Your head is now ready !!

- Step 5 : Put the hair in the needle. Just like you would do with a thread.

- Step 6 : Put the needle in a hole of barbie's head. 

- Step 7 : Pull the needle out through barbie's neck but be careful to only have a small part of the hairs coming out. Just enough so you can do a knot at the end of it.
I use a clamp to help me get the needle through.

(i took this photo after a few steps :)

- Step 8 : Do the knot!
(I cut the hairs after the knot, so it's not too messy inside B's head!)

- Step 9 : Pull the hairs on the other side of Barbie's head.

Repeat all the steps until the head is done! 
I usually start from the bottom of the head to the top.

you can then cut and style the hair.
I won't show you this time how to style them, because i tried a new technique i didn't like very much.
So i will show you next time!

Anyway, i wanted her to have really big hair, so that's how she turned out!

Barbie is wearing Fashion Fun outfit #2093 from 1984

Barbie's yellow shoes are from Fashion Extras #4905 from 1983

I hope this little tutorial will help you restore your dolls!



Barbie Fashion #1 : Skipper and Ken Fashion from 82/83

Hi all!
Here’s some Skipper and Ken fashion i got a couple of weeks ago!

The first outfit i got is Skipper Fashion Fantasy « Smooth Sailing !» from 1982 Ref #5810.
It’s very cute with blue shorts, stripped top, white bucket hat and the traditional white sneakers! 

It’s part of an 8 fashion outfits collection ref from #5810 to #5817 and one Ref #4275.

On  the back side is a coupon for you to fill your information to become a Barbie Fan Club member. It says after signing in you will receive :
- a Barbie sun vision
- a Barbie fan club letter four times a year
- An autographed picture of Barbie
- A poster to color
- A membership card
- An iron-on transfer
- and a 5$ rebate coupon for your parents

I remember being a fan club member as a kid and the transfer iron-on shirt ring a bell… but it was later. I remember i got a cool calendar with Midge Ski Fun on it so i guess it was around 89.

The second outfit i got is Skipper Fashion Fantasy « School Days! » from 1983 Ref #4877.
It’s again a three pieces outfit with a jean skirt, a white t-shirt with a drawing of a boat and white coton tights. Oh and the shoes again! ;)

It’s part of a 6 fashion outfits collection ref from #4876 to #4878 and #4880 to #4882.

The back side shows a picture of the collection.

The last outfit i bought is Ken Twice As Nice « Handsome Pair » from 1983 Ref #4889.
It’s a white trouser with a reversible tshirt : one side is striped and the other is gray. It also got elegant white shoes.
I always loved the Twice as Nice collection. I used to have playing cards showing the whole collection and used to watch it for hours (unfortunately i lost it). I have more twice as nice fashions from my childhood which i will show you eventually.

It’s part of a 6 fashion outfits collection ref from #4885 to #4890.

The back side shows a picture of the collection.

here’s for my new acquisitions.
I hope to use them in a diorama soon!! so.. stay tuned :)


Barbie Collection #1 : DOTW German Barbie

Hi all!
Unfortunately i didn’t have time to post anything the last two months and the following post introducing a lovely gal from Germany was supposed to follow my last article on Munich. Well, better late than never right?

So here is my beautiful German Barbie that i purchased after my trip to Baviera at the end of august (see Doll Exhibition #3 : Munich Toy Museum)

She’s the 16th doll from the DOTW Collection, released in 1986 and referenced #3188.

She’s not hard to find as you can easily buy her on the internet so i guess not especially valuable, but that doesn’t make her any less gorgeous!

She’s even close to perfection for me as she has the perfect Barbie face in my point of view.
Superstar head mold and quite a soft make up on the eyes (compare to some dolls released later). Her beautiful red lipstick is a perfect match to her jacket and her blond hair still feel quite natural.

She wears a blue bonnet with touch of green, red and gold glitter, her red jacket is gorgeous in a « velvety » fabric with white lace and she has a coton skirt with flowers covered by a white apron, also with lace. She also has long white socks and flat black shoes.

The final touch to her outfit that reveals her closeness to the mountains and nature of Baviera is the flower attached to a ribbon she wears around her neck.


On  the box in front we can see a picture of the Neuschwanstein Castle built by Ludwig II which i was lucky enough to visit this summer (see previous post).

On the back, some facts about Germany, sorry « West Germany ». Since the doll was released in 86 it was before the fall of the Berlin wall that separated Germany in 2.
So we find out about celebration like Christmas and Oktoberfest and their dancers and musicians dressed in their lederhosen (leather shorts), traditional foods and Konditorei (traditional cafés and pastry shops), local sports and most off all, the music heritage from the great composers like Beethoven and Wagner.
Finally some german vocabulary to learn (Dog = Hund).

One side of the box shows a picture and a map of West Germany,  a passport, a guide and deutsche marks for Barbie to buy a little souvenir for her friends back home?

This is a bit weird actually because German Barbie is supposed to be German no?, this is why she teaches us about her country and language. So why does she need a passeport and a guide? oh well… :D

I leave you now with some picture Barbie made during her time in Munich and Füssen!

Barbie in front of the National Theater and The Residence in Munich

In front of a Typical tavern in the Center of Munich

On the bridge over  Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen